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"Working with J.T. on this P.O.D. 'Rockin With the Best' video was great.  He was quick, professional, creative, on budget and a pleasure to deal with through out the whole process. There was a very limited window to shoot this and a lot of pressure to nail it in that short window and he surpassed our expectations."  - Ron Burman (President Mascot Records)

"When I look up 'Motivated' in the dictionary it says '(someone's) interest in or enthusiasm for doing something.'. What it should have said was, 'J.T. Ibanez'.  -Shan Dan Horan (Former President Artery Recordings and Outerloop Records)

“I love working with J.T.. He has a great natural feel for what’s going to look good to the camera’s eye.

He’s not just shooting footage, he’s an artist with how he goes about it, and that’s something a lot of directors don’t have. His editing skills set him apart as well, as it seems he already has the video cut in his head the moment you wrap filming. His vision for the process is complete and it’s nice to know you’re in good hands when working with him on a project.”-Sean Danielsen (Smile Empty Soul)

"J.T. has the creative ability to make the smallest scenes big and epic and large scenes seem personal and quaint.  He truly has the talent of telling a story on the screen that makes you feel something.  He’s a professional through and through!  His vision is original and his passion is unquestionable.  He is an artist!" Brian Smith (CAVO / thePour)

"J.T. has blown our minds with his creativity, video quality, and quick turnaround time on every project he’s done for us. We can't recommend him enough." Aaron Wood (Ashland / Rise Records) 

 "Working with J.T. was a seamless experience and extremely fast turnaround. Nothing but quality product and good times on this video.” Colin Vieira (Slaves) 

"I had a great time working with J.T.. Great vision and attention to detail. He made the  process of shooting and editing my video super easy. Can’t wait to work with him again.” Andie Case

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