MUSIC VIDEOS: Director / Cinematographer / Editor


P.O.D.:'Rockin' With The Best' , 'Listening For The Silence' and 'Circles' 

Picturesque: 'Swipe' , 'Crimes' , 'Necessary', 'Holding Me Down', 'Attention' 'Heartless Cover'

Robert Randolph and the Family Band: 'Have Mercy' and 'Baptise Me' 

Smile Empty Soul: 'Dopamine', 'Stars' and 'My Name', 'Bottom Of A Bottle' (Acoustic), 'Don't Ever Leave' (Acoustic), 'With This Knife', 'Silhouettes' (Acoustic), Wonderwall (Acoustic Cover)


Slaves: 'Body On Fire'


Ashland: 'Eyes To The Sky', 'No Trouble (Pre-RISE Records), 'No Good' and 'Bad Blood' Taylor Swift cover, RISE Records: 'Over The Moon', 'OMG' 'Someone You Loved' (footage of Asia only)

Calloway Circus: 'Gray' , 'Lose Your Mind', 'Mess', 'Unpredictable' and 'Kind to Myself'

Wake Me: 'Blood Moon' and 'You'll Hate Me'

Hounds:​ ​'Muchanothin' , 'Shake Me Up', 'Ghosts Are Ghosts', 'Head in Sand', 'Sunburnt', 'American Scheme' and 'In over My Head'

Inner Outlines: 'Build It Up'

Hello Ground 'Lover (Tayler Swift Cover)'


Morose:​ ​'Bury Me' and 'Stranger' 

CAVO:'Just Like We Want It', 'Wolves', 'Muscle Memory', 'Lead On, 'Without You', and 'What Does It Feel Like'

Torn Confidence: 'Event Horizon' , 'Hans'

Mindful: 'Weather'

Jessie Abbey: 'Another Day In Paradise' and 'Dreams'

Bleach:'Wild One'

The Wild & Free: 'Band Aide'

StringZ: 'Beautiful Girl'

Hard Loss:'In The Grey' 

Retro Champ: 'Roller Coaster'


thePour: 'Around Me All The Time'


When The Clock Strikes: 'Ducks', 'Night Terrors' and 'Plate Tectonics' 


New Lingo: 'Part Of Me', 'Witch Hunt', 'Swoon', 'Texas Justice' and 'San Junipero' , 'Memory Lane'


Sean Danielsen: 'Unsaid'


Andie Case:'Be Myself' and 'Hello' cover of Adelle


Rookie Of The Year: 'Everything' and 'Empty House' 


​The Hush List: 'For The Birds' 


Mocklove: 'We Shouldn't Play The Slave' 


​Scrub & Ace HA: 'Sunny Lane'


Discrepancies:'Prevail/wake up' and 'Digitus Medius'  


Sky Burnt White: 'Slowly' 


Fivefold: 'Won't Let Go'


Of Wolves and Whiskey: 'Crossroads' 


Wide Awake:'Hole' 


Gangsta Boo: 'Meet The Devil' (Cinematographer only)


Trying Times: 'Bridges' 


The Wilderness: 'Alright' and 'Living Well' 


Apollo's Daughter: 'Like I Need It' 


The Former Me: 'Disquiet'


​Ghost In Decay: 'Cold War' and 'The Ghost Of You' My Chemical Romance cover


Conquer As They Come: 'Make Believe' 


AngelHead: 'Stumbling Blocks and Stepping Stones'


System Slaves: 'Road Less Traveled On' 


Divide The Empire: 'Carnival Ride' , 'Visions'


Lightning Cloud: 'Ketchup Chips' 


Rev Nation: 'The Resistance' and 'Guns and Whiskey' 


Nothing Set In Stone: 'Strength To Change' 


Broken Youth: 'Havoc' and 'Waves'


Hollow Point Heroes: 'Control Me' 

DOCUMENTARY Cinematographer / Story: 

National Parks 'A Veteran and His Camera'